Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fourth of July Parade in Small Town America

Lattimore is a small town in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and each year the town has an old-fashioned Fourth of July parade.  I'm partial to this little town, because that is where I attended school for twelve years.  Back then I'm pretty sure they didn't have a parade on the Fourth, but for some time now this has been a tradition.
PJ waiting for parade.

I happened to be in Cleveland County this year for the Fourth, and my friend PJ and I found us a shady spot along Main Street to view the parade.  Folks began lining up along the parade route early in the morning anticipating the 9:00 am event.
This pretty little miss is decked out in patriotic colors.

The Fites waiting for the parade in front of The Depot restaurant.

Many folks from the older to the very young were decked out in patriotic colors.  It was great for "people watching" even before the parade began.

I love this hat.

The youth from Lattimore Baptist Church were selling biscuits along Main Street before the parade began, and I had my opportunity to have a livermush biscuit.  So good!!!!!

My livermush biscuit.
And then a little after nine along came the parade.  
Here comes the parade.

There was the color guard and then vehicles of all kinds--- vintage cars, lawn mowers, tractors---, people walking and those on horseback.

Huge tractor from the Greene Farms.  (Photo by Peggy Rhyne.)

Fire truck. (Photo from Lattimore Historical Society.)

Vintage car. (Photo from Lattimore Historical Society.)
What's a parade without horses?

After the parade folks gathered over at the ball field for food, games, and more celebration.
Ginger.in red, white and blue. (She was one of Martha Mason's caretakers)

Ann, Steve and grandaughter Caroline.

Libby with her grands.

Mrs. Cooper the grand marshal of the parade. (Photo from Lattimore Historical Society.)

This is the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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