Wednesday, July 2, 2014

3 bags in 3 days

Cartoon by Amber Waite from her blog Voluntary Simplicity is a Lifestyle
I'm starting small.  Dan and I realize that we have a lot of decluttering to do.  This recent article in the News and Observer inspired me to try this but on a very small scale---3 bags in 3 days and then I could start over for another 3 days, etc.

Day One:  A bag full of books that will go to a library. 

A bag of books ready for a library.
This was a really big bag and it weighed a lot.  We have lots of books we need to purge.

Day Two:  Fabric and shoes.  I've had this fabric around in the garage that we are redoing using it to cover the fronts of shelves, and we are going to put doors on those shelves so this fabric had to go.  I need to go through my shoes again though and get rid of more.
Fabric and shoes ready to take to the thrift shop.
Day Three:  Magazines and Newspapers.   I tend to keep magazine thinking I will need to read them again, but I've decided to stop that.  If there are things in the magazines like recipes, I will remove them from the magazines and then recycle the magazines along with the newspapers.
A bag of newspapers and magazines ready to put in the recycle bin. 

I'm sure these three bags must total at least 30 lbs of less clutter in the house now.  So at least I've made a start at this 3 bags in 3 days decluttering mission.

Maybe when 3 bags for 3 days becomes a habit, I will expand to a longer span, perhaps 7 bags in 7 days.  Slowly but surely we will declutter. 

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