Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pinehurst Number 2

Pinehurst Number 2.

Patrick, Zach and I along with two of Zach's friends were in Pinehurst on Saturday for the US Open Men's Golf. They banned cell phones and cameras so I couldn't get any photos to my disappointment.
Here's a photo of us on the way down.  The boys in the back Chris Corchiani, Chris Shrum, and Patrick.  Zach was driving and I rode shotgun. 
Back Seat Boys (Left to right Patrick, Corch, Shrum (Photo a selfie from the front seat.)

Patrick and I had a gif made while there. 
Our gif made by American Express.

The best shot that we saw that day was by Ken Perry, the older guy in the Open.  He hit the ball out of the rough---wire grass and weeds---it hit the green and bounced high in the air came back down on the green and rolled right in the hole for an Eagle. 
Kenny Perry (Photo from the AP.)

I did get a really nice visor as a souvenir.

My souvenir.
It has a big black bow in the back.  
Visor in back. 
I want to go back some day when there's not a tournament in progress so I can take photos and can eat in the Pinehurst Clubhouse. 

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