Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Own Little Spiderwort

Spiderwort flowers.
Every May since we moved into this house forty years ago, this little blue spiderwort has bloomed out on the side hill.  I think it is the prettiest little purple (blue?) flower.  This year we seem to have three plants, and I hope it continues to spread.
Our three little Tradescantia plants on the bank.

This plant is related to the plant you may know as Wandering Jew or Zebrina. 
I usually have a hanging basket of the purple Zebrina, and I plan to go to the Farmer's Market today and get one.  We were there yesterday, and I forgot to get my Zebrina.
Purple Zebrina.

I don't know if the previous owner, who was quite a gardener, planted this or perhaps some bird just happened to drop some seeds in the bank.  Whatever, I look forward to this beautiful little blue flower blooming each year. Spiderworts can easily be propagated with cuttings which should be taken in the spring or early summer. Each year I think about taking cuttings and then forget, but this year I'm going to remember. 

p.s. I'm back from the Farmer's Market and here is the hanging basket of Zebrina I found.
Our hanging basket of purple Zebrina.

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