Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One of my Talented Cleveland County Cousins

Birthday cake by Debbie Bridges.
Debbie Wilson Bridges is known for her famous cakes, and I finally had an opportunity to savor one.  Oh soooo good.  Debbie is my second cousin, once removed. (Debbie's grandfather and my father were first cousins, so Shelva, Debbie's mother and I are second cousins, and that makes Debbie my second cousin, once removed, if I remember the genealogy correctly.) 

Dan and I were planning a trip to Cleveland County to coincide with my friend, Peggy Rhyne's birthday, so I asked Debbie to make a birthday cake for PJ, and while she was at it, to make another one for Dan and me to bring home. 

Both cakes were a delicious, moist pound cake with chocolate fudge frosting.
Pound cake frosted with chocolate fudge frosting.

Peggy Rhyne enjoyed her cake and later shared it with some of our former classmates at a luncheon.  Rave reviews from all!!!!!
Peggy is happy with her cake.
Peggy's birthday cake. 

The cake that Dan and I brought home was frosted with chocolate fudge frosting and topped with pecans.  It was half gone before we even got home with it, with a little help from friends and family.
Only half of our cake left when we got home. 

A wonder if Debbie made her own wedding cake????
Debbie and Eddie enjoying their wedding cake a few years ago.

When the cakes were delivered, Debbie sent along a beautiful crocheted doily for me.  Not only can she bake, but she creates lovely crocheted things.  The doily has found a new home on the little round side table in our dining room. 
This intricate crocheted doily is perfect on this little round table.
Isn't this lovely? 
Debbie the cakes were beautiful and delicious and the doily is exquisite.  Thank you O Talented Cousin of Mine!


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    1. Did you make your wedding cake?

    2. No ... I would have been crazy! I tried to make my sister Deedee's wedding cake, but it was a disaster .... had to regroup at the last minute and make a normal sized cake. :)