Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ava's Graduation/Livermush Party

A plate of nicely fried livermush.

My friend Ava graduated on Saturday from WTCC and in honor of her graduation she threw a Livermush Party.  I grew up in Cleveland County and Ava grew up in the next county over, Rutherford., so we both know all about livermush.  Our counties are known for the best livermush in North Carolina.  I think of livermush as the pate' of the South.

Ava has a degree in journalism from UNC and she is a professional photographer, nevertheless she went back to school at Wake Tech and got a degree in graphic design.  I have followed her work with great interest, and I must say her work is amazing.
Pizza with livermush.

Livermush was at the center of the party, including a livermush pizza.  Or livermush with homemade pimento cheese.  Or livermush on banana nut bread.

The cake honored Ava's induction into Phi Theta Kappa honor society. 
It was a fun party with a group of congenial folks. 
Ava's party. (Photo by Julian Barlow)
Catherine, Khai, and Heather perusing Ava's portfolio.

Ava (Photo by Julian Barlow).

Dan is having fun at the party.
Ava's husband, Bill. (Photo by Julian Barlow).
Ava's son Woody.

Ava's son Julian and Catherine Stelpflug.

Now I need to find an excuse to have a livermush party. 

To see the marvelous job Ava can do check out her online portfolio.

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  1. This is great, Pat! Thanks for all your kind words. I have really appreciated your interest and support in what I have been doing at Wake Tech the last three years. The party was great fun. I had been wanting to have a livermush party for a long time. The graduation day seemed like a good excuse to do it. I was especially happy that many of my friends who didn't know each other before the party seemed to really enjoy each other's company, too.