Monday, April 7, 2014

My Older Son Turns 51

First Grade at St. Timothy's.
How time flies.  Today is Michael's birthday.  My little red head is now a grown man with grown children of his own.  Here's a few pics over the years including more recent ones. 
Michael's first birthday in Hillsborough.  He was a little skeptical of the candle.

Michael age four at Christmas in Louisburg.
Christmas 1969, Michael six.
Last year for his 50th birthday, I surprised him with 50 Carolina blue balloons sent to his office. 
November 2013 in Cuba with Marge and Helen, two of our fellow Wolftrekers.

We celebrated his birthday last night at Sitti, and afterwards everyone came to our house for the birthday cake.  Michael has never been extremely fond of sweets, however he does like Klonkie Bars and KitKat candy.  So I made his cake of Klonkie Bars with a vanilla ice cream (from Local Fresh) "frosting" and sprinkled crushed KitKat candy bar on top as garnish. 
Klondike Bar birthday cake. 
Blow out the candles.
Michael and Mom.
Michael and family.

Michael at work. (Photo from the Trust Company of the South website)

Happy Birthday Michael, We Love You!!!!!!

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  1. What a great collection of photographs! Happy belated birthday to him!
    P.S. Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my blog. I also wanted to add the building you asked about in a recent post--it is the Hotel Hershey.