Sunday, April 27, 2014

Marcia's House

Marcia's living room.

My friend Marcia should have been an interior decorator----well actually she is when it comes to her own house.  She has such an eye for color and for interesting artwork (her daughter is an artist and much of the artwork is that of her daughter.) And there's absolutely no clutter--a place for everything and everything in its place.

I was over there the other day when we were planning a morning out and while she finished getting ready I asked her if I could take photos and do a blog on their house.  Here's the result.

The living room is open and full of natural light.  The focal point is a lovely fireplace with a mantle anchoring the antique mirror from her grandmother.  The mantle is adorned with Marcia's ram (She graduated from UNC.) spray painted gold by Marcia and decorated by daughter Vanessa. 
Lovely fireplace. 
Marcia's grandmother's mirror.

Marcia's Ram with decorations by daughter Vanessa.
I love the bold blues and reds in the color scheme of the living room.  Notice how the accent pieces display these colors, from the blues in the glassware to the red cushions and red and blue throw.
A pop of color from the pretty blue glassware.
Accent pillows and throw.
Gold bowl (a Christmas gift from Vanessa) on the coffee table.

This pretty gold bowl (A Christmas gift this year from Vanessa) on the coffee table complements the colors in the area carpet. 
Marcia enjoying her living room.

Perhaps my favorite room though is the dining room.  I especially like the bright blue walls that provide a perfect background for the sofa and for the dining room table.  The sofa is from her grandmother, and she covered it and the dining room chair seats in a lovely multi-colored pattern with a pale yellow background.
This beautiful dining room sofa  is my favorite piece of Marcia's..  Notice too how the drapes blend in with the sofa fabric. 
The painting by Vanessa at the end of the dining table provides a colorful contrast with the walls. 
Finally in the warm and welcoming breakfast nook and kitchen there are lots of yellows. And on the fridge among the requisite family photos is a picture of daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Chloe.
Cabinet in the breakfast nook.
Open storage in the kitchen.  I especially like the little row of yellow bowls.  What a nice accent.
Photo of daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Chloe among the photos on the fridge. 

Doesn't Marcia's house look like something out of House Beautiful? 

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