Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lamb Meatballs: Recipe from the NY Times

We are very fond of lamb at our house, and I'm always eager to try a new recipe I run across.  The other day there was this recipe in the New York Times.  Today I made the lamb meatballs, and I can say they are delicious with the spiced tomato sauce.  I followed the recipe exactly except I had no fresh mint leaves so I used chopped parsley instead to garnish.

Meatballs ready to go under broiler to brown.
Browned meatballs resting in tomato sauce and ready for the oven.
The mildly spiced tomato sauce makes a nice bed for baking the meatballs.
While the meatballs are baking, cook pasta, couscous or bulgur wheat to serve with the meatballs.
Out of the oven.
I chose to serve the meatballs over bulgur wheat. Bulgur is wheat that’s been parboiled, dried, and cracked into tiny bits. It cooks very quickly.  A full cup of cooked bulgur has only 150 calories,  8 grams of fiber, and nearly 6 grams of protein.  It is a tasty and nutritious food.
Fully cooked bulgur wheat.
I served the meatballs with the sauce on the bulgur and added some crumbled Feta cheese and finely chopped parsley for garnish.
Lamb meatballs ready to eat. 
This was yummy!!!!

Go HERE for the recipe. 

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