Sunday, April 6, 2014

Breakfast at Finch's in Raleigh

Finch's of Raleigh.

If you want a real Southern breakfast in Raleigh, Finch's is the go to restaurant.  Finch's has been around since 1945 in the same location. You would drive by this place on Peace Street unless you knew where it is.  It sits back from the road and looks like an abandoned diner except for all the cars out front.  Unfortunately it will be replaced by a new clover leaf at the intersection between Peace and Capital Blvd in the near future. 
Photo from Trip Advisor.

We had a friend from Nova Scotia visiting, and we took him there the other morning so he could enjoy a real Southern breakfast.  Dan says it was his first time there too, but I had breakfast there with the kids several times after ballgames over at Salvation Army. 
Big Man's Breakfast.  There were pancakes on the side for this.
Blueberry pancakes.

Dan and Dave both had the "big man's breakfast".  I chose the blueberry pancakes, and they were chock full of blueberries. The maple syrup was not pure maple syrup but the corn syrup with maple flavoring type.  But the butter was real. 
Our friendly waitress.
Friendly staff.

Service was excellent.  Breakfast was served very quickly and the over medium eggs were done to perfection.  You never know what kind of cup your coffee will be served in.  This morning the cups were from UPS.  Lots of folks donate cups for them to use.
Coffee was served in these cups this morning.

It was quite busy for a late Saturday morning, but there were tables available because we avoided the early morning rush.

Still rather busy for breakfast at 11:00 a.m.
We must visit them again soon before they are replaced by a new cloverleaf.    

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