Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's a Teetotaler Doing at a Brewery?

Although I'm a teetotaler (almost) I wanted to take our friend and my former colleague who was visiting to one of the local breweries for which Raleigh is becoming rather well-know.  Steve, a chemist, now lives in New Jersey, and he has been microbrewing since he was in Durham almost twenty years ago.  
Lunch at Sitti.

We visited downtown Durham and downtown Raleigh so he could see the changes that have occurred since he left the area.  We had lunch at Sitti's (Steve always knew where the best restaurants were), toured the new library on Centennial Campus at NC State, and had homemade ice cream at Local Fresh. 
Steve at the Library.

I was certain he would enjoy visiting one of the local breweries.  Not knowing much about beer and nothing about the local microbrewers, I checked the internet and found what seemed to be a good bet in the Lonerider Brewing Company.

There is no food at Lonerider, but often there is a food truck out front as there was when we were there.
Food truck outside Lonerider Brewing Company.
The beer menu.
The beer menu offered nine or ten choices, and Steve chose the first four for his sampler.
Steve's sampler.
Jackie, the bartender.
The bartender, Jackie, was wonderful.  She seemed to know exactly what each of the regulars who were in on their way from work wanted.  And each seemed to have their own special mug that was decorated by Jackie.  The mugs are stored there.
Steve's sample of Shotgun Betty.
Steve's sample of Sweet Josie.
Steve is a beer connoisseur, and he thought the Lonerider was great. I suppose I made a good choice. Come back Steve, and we will try another of the Raleigh microbrewers.  

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  1. Pat, it was a pleasure to serve you and Steve. I do hope you come back and see me our seasonal beers are always changing. Best Wishes on your travels.
    Jackie Nelson...