Friday, March 28, 2014

Trying to Replicate Sitti Goat Cheese Orange Salad at Home

Goat Cheese Orange Salad with Mixed Greens, Cabbage, Walnuts and Dates.

The other day when Marcia and I shared a delicious Goat Cheese Orange Salad at Sitti,  I thought perhaps I could replicate it at home.  I tried the other night, and it was close, but I didn't use lemon vinaigrette, an ingredient in Sitti's that makes it delightfully refreshing. I did add a few other ingredients as well. 
Lovely purple bowl, gift of Marcia. 
Purple Astrolemia in bowl for centerpiece on table.

As I was making the salad I noticed the purple leaves in the mixed greens and how they matched the lovely centerpiece bowl with purple flowers.  That prompted me to add a bit more purple to the salad---a bit of shredded purple cabbage and a few purple grapes.
Shredded purple cabbage and purple grapes added to salad.

Napking and napkin ring.
Napkin ring.

With all the purple, I brought out the napkins and napkin rings that I had bought on sale at Pier One Imports to match the purple bowl.  They are more of an eggplant color, but they blend very well with the other purples on the table.
Shades of purple on the dinner table. 

We relished  the colorful salad while enjoying the shades of purple in the table decorations. 

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