Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping at the Farmer's Market in Paris (Vicariously)

Logo from Linda Watson's Blog.

Dan, Patrick and I spent a summer in France some 30 years ago, and one of the things I enjoyed most was shopping at the Farmers' Markets---especially those in Paris.  Recently I was able to do that again, this time vicariously, through one of my favorite blogs Linda Watson's Cook for Good.

She described her recent shopping trip to the Bastille Market in Paris on her blog.

Linda Watson at the Bastille Market in Paris.

Now you too can vicariously shop the Bastille Market as you enjoy these beautiful photos* of Linda's. 
A marvelous collection of olives.

Eggs from free range chickens.
Heirloom tomatoes at the Market.

Leeks, celery and greens.
Thank you Linda for sharing your trip to the Market.You can check out Linda's blog  here.

How I long to get back to Paris!!!!

*All photos by Linda Watson from her blog.

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