Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hair by Rana

My last haircut was in October when I was in Cape Breton, and it had gotten longer than usual.  I was walking Maggie the other day when I ran into our neighbor up the street who had the best haircut.  I inquired about her hairdresser.  She told me "Hair by Rana".  I immediately went home, called and made an appointment.  I'm happy with my new haircut and my new hairdresser. 
Sola Salons at Seaboard Station.

Hair by Rana is located in Seaboard Station at the Sola Salons, a group of different salons at this one site.
Sola Salon Studios

This is a convenient location for me.
Chandelier in the shampoo room.
I like the decor in this salon too.  You have a great view of a lovely chandelier as you are getting your hair shampooed.

A sign in the salon appears to express Rana who seems to like what she does.
Right side.

Left side.
Front.  It's not blonde, it's white, it just looks blonde because of the light.

This is my life and my style right now. 

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