Saturday, March 15, 2014

A St. Patrick's Day Sandwich

A "green" sandwich for St. Patrick's Day.

I know it's not quite St. Patrick's Day, but I've been baking "green" desserts with a St. Patrick's Day theme and for supper I decided to make a "green" sandwich for Dan and me. 

I spread pesto on each side of the bread, followed by slices of yogurt cheese. 
Spread pesto on each slice of bread.

Add yogurt cheese to each slice of bread.
I added fresh spinach to each side of the bread.
Add spinach.

On one side I put slices of a ripe avocado.

Add sliced avocado to one side of bread.
Then I put the two slices together to make the sandwiches.  
Put the two slices together to make the sandwich.

I grilled the sandwiches in butter.

Grill in butter.

Ready to eat.  Delish!
This is a new twist on grilled cheese sandwiches that will be good not just on St. Patrick's Day but any day of the year. 

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