Monday, February 17, 2014

Dental Chic in Our Guest Bathroom

Vintage 1930s dental cabinet used to store bathroom linens.
Several years ago we completely gutted and remade our guest bathroom.  After removing the tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower, we had an empty wall in the area where the tub had been.  In a magazine I had seen a bathroom decorated where an antique dental cabinet was used for storage for bath linens and that whetted my appetite for one.  Searching online I had found several that were priced at a thousand dollars or more and that would have required a hefty freight cost for shipping it to North Carolina.
This one is listed on Ebay now for $1400. 

Just as the bathroom was being finished, I was doing an antique show up in Burlington, NC and was setting up my booth when the vendor across from me brought in his wares that included a 1930s vintage dental cabinet in almost perfect condition---in white metal with glass doors and sides and shelves.  Just what I had been looking for and only $500.  I immediately walked over and told him I would buy it (I didn't even try to dicker with him over the price) and to please mark it "sold"  Good thing too, because a number of people indicated interest in it.
Arts and Crafts style lamp on top of vintage dental cabinet.

Perfect for storing towels.

The seller was even willing to deliver it at no cost.  I was ectastic.   The dimensions were perfect, and the color and style were just what I wanted.  The only blemish was a few scratches on the top of the cabinet.  I remedied that by finding a pretty vintage linen dresser scarf with intricate designs on each end to use on top.  Then I topped that with a plant and an Arts and Crafts style lamp. That works perfectly.
Dresser scarf with intricate decorations on ends.

Plant a nice touch to top of cabinet.

I can't tell you how many guests have commented on the vintage cabinet.  It really makes the bathroom.  This cabinet is among my favorite things in our house.

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