Sunday, February 2, 2014

Corner Table Out, Counter In

Small table in corner of our kitchen. 
When we renovated our kitchen a few years ago, we saved a corner for a small table at which we could eat if we didn't want to eat in the dining room.  And for a while it served us quite well.  However, I found myself short on counter space.  When my knee surgery was approaching I thought it would be easier to have the option of eating at a counter top height than the small table ( I wouldn't have to bend my knee so much in the early days of recuperating from the knee replacement.)

We arranged for our friend Steve to build in a corner counter in early January so it would be ready when I was recovering from my knee surgery.  In late December I purchased two counter height stools that I liked and that would work with the new counter. 
I found these counter height stools at Pier One Imports.  They are quite comfortable.

Steve built the "foundation' for the counter, and we located a company, Countercraft in Youngsville, NC, that could match our Gibraltar counter tops in the rest of the kitchen.  They did a beautiful job. 
Our new corner counter.

I can use this counter as my baking corner.  I plan to store the mixer, which is quite heavy, on  the counter.  It's difficult for me to carry it back and forth from the shelf in the pantry where it usually "lives".  I've ordered a pretty cover for it, and the mixer will be there when I need it.  As one ages, it is necessary to make adjustments of how things are done.
Mixer stored in corner of counter.

I've ordered this cover for the mixer.

I will use this counter as a baking center.

When not using it as a baking center, it makes a great place to have breakfast, or any meal for that matter.  To get into the dining room, there is one step down.  When I was first recovering it was hard to make that step, so I could just eat in the kitchen.
Counter set for breakfast.

The little table has for now found a new place at the end of the dining room/sunroom.  Eventually we may end up giving it to one of the grands when they move into a place of their own.
Table moved to end of dining room.

Yes, I  believe we are going to enjoy our new corner counter. 

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