Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baa. Baa, Black Sheep

Three week old black lambs in the meadow.

We are all familiar with the children's nursery rhyme/song Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.  While in Cleveland County this past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit my cousins who have a flock of sheep. Within the last three weeks several lambs were born.  All the lambs are black, but will become white or gray as they mature.

One sheep had twins and one of the lambs was too immature to learn to nurse from her mother.  Cheyenne and Savannah have fed this "Little Bit" with a bottle (using  the mother sheep's milk).

Savannah (left) and Cheyenne holding one of the twins, "Little Bit".

The other twin nurses from its mother.

One of the lambs nursing from its mother.

It was fun seeing the lambs frolicking in the field as the sheep were fed.

Both Cheyenne, six,  and Savannah, five,  are animal lovers.  Cheyenne is quite the little "fashionista" too.  She was sporting a Clemson tee shirt (she said her mother went to Clemson), some cool sunglasses and a pretty little hair clip.

Cool sunglasses and pretty hair clip.
The girls show their sheep at the county fair.
Showing the sheep at the county fair.  (Photo by Debbie W. Bridges)

I may never be able to eat lamb again after seeing these cute little black lambs up close frolicking in the meadow.

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