Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Love Our Crock Pot Oatmeal

We store our oatmeal in this vintage canister.
McCann's Steel Cut Oats

Dan and I are both very fond of oatmeal for breakfast.  We prefer the steel-cut oats because of their nutty texture, and they are the healthiest because of their high fiber content.  It takes 30 to 45 minutes to cook these on the stove top, but cooking them in the crock pot over night has breakfast ready when we get up.

I bought a small crock  pot (1 ½ quart) that I use just for cooking oatmeal.  I butter the inside of the crock pot with a tablespoon of butter to keep the oatmeal from sticking.   Place  4 cups of water and 1 cup of steel-cut oats in the crock pot.  We prefer McCann’s Irish Steel Cut brand, but use whatever we can find.

1 cup of steel cut oats.

1/2 cup of diced apples.


Often I will add ½ cup of diced apple in which case I decrease the water to 3 ½ cups. 

Cook over night on low setting.

Cook this overnight in the crock pot on the low setting or for about 8 hours.  This makes 4 servings.

In the morning, breakfast is ready.  We top our oatmeal with raisins,  brown sugar, walnuts or pecans, if we have them, and half and half .  Or at least we use whole milk. This is one dish where we don’t use skim milk.  We love our slow-cooked oatmeal for breakfast!

Breakfast is ready!

I posted this back in 2011, but on this snowy day when we are happy to have oatmeal again, I will repost this.


  1. OK, Pat. You've tipped over the top of your crock pot, Woman. It is now officially time to plan for your own cooking show. Or at least your own cooking column -- syndicated, of course.

    Kidding aside, the crock pot idea is excellent as the long stir over the stove is what stops me in my tracks when it comes to oatmeal preparation. So now I'll have to drag out the crock pot. That small size is perfect.

    Maybe when I get to Target next week I can see what they have. Question. Are my comments accessible to others? Might have to watch my tongue . . .

  2. I actually got the small crock pot up here in Sydney at Walmart of all places. Then when we got home, I think last year, I found them at Walmart in Raleigh and got one for us at home and got one for Laura too. That small size is also good for dips at parties or soup for two.

    Yes, anyone can read your comments, so watch your tongue. :)