Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My New Knee

My new left knee. I know this is gross, but it's not as painful as it may look.
I've missed blogging for the last two weeks, because I had total left knee replacement on January 2.  Dr. David Stanley at Duke did the surgery.  He is a former student of Dan's as an undergraduate at Duke, and he had repaired a torn meniscus for me in that knee years ago and had repaired Dan's knees when he fell in the mountains some ten years ago.  So I was determined to have Dr. Stanley for this.  It looks as if he has done a great job.  He's wonderful!!!!

I'm home now and mobile with my walker.  I go tomorrow to get the stitches removed.  The problem is I'm not allowed to drive for six weeks and that is more painful than the knee. Right now I am not allowed to leave the house except for doctor's appointment.  So I can't even get to a ballgame. I don't think this will last long though.

Dan and I did see the Porsche Exhibit at the Museum here in Raleigh just a few days before my surgery and I plan to blog about that.  I could blog about my two "hellish" days in a Rehab Center, but I might get sued for slander.  My friend, Helen, a nurse "sprang" me from there home after just two days.  And was I happy to get home.  I have wonderful physical therapy aides who come to the house and a nurse as well, so I'm well cared for.  They, Dan, the kids, the grands and friends have seen me through this.

I can't wait to go dancing with my new knee! 

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