Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grocery Shopping Online

With me recuperating from knee surgery it was going to be more convenient for me to order groceries online and just have Dan drive by and pick them up.  I had been wanting to try Harris Teeter's Express Lane at Cameron Village so this was a perfect opportunity. 

It was not possible for me to go to the grocery and fill up a grocery cart, and I thought ordering online would be easier than sending Dan with a list. 
So I sat down at the computer and went to the Harris Teeter online ordering site and filled out my grocery order.  That was on Friday night and I scheduled a pickup between 11:00 and 11:30 on Saturday.  As it turned out, Laura and Anthony arrived for a visit just in time for Anthony to take Dan down to Harris Teeter's where they drove in the Express Lane, pushed a button, gave them the name on the order and presto the groceries were delivered out to the car. 

The order was exactly has I had indicated.  Just as if I had done the shopping in the store myself.  Since this was our first order online the $4.95 fee was waived.  But I won't hesitate again to use this service.  I would probably save $4.95 by not putting something in the basket that I really didn't need when I shop in person.  Of course sometimes I see something that isn't on the list that we really need, but if I'm careful with my list for ordering this should work out fine.  I will probably try this again while I am more or less home bound. 

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