Saturday, November 23, 2013

Names for Change

UMD logo from their website.

Urban Ministries of Durham is a nonprofit organization that cares for Durham's homeless and impoverished neighbors by serving as a comprehensive service provider of food, shelter, clothing and supportive services for over 6,000 men, women and children annually. They welcome guests with mental illnesses, active addictions, and those seeking outside employment.

An article in today's News and Observer featured  a very unusual fund-raising program UMD has going.  McKinney, a Durham advertising agency, created SPENT an online game based on surviving poverty. 

For those who don't have millions to donate to some worthwhile cause and have their name attached, SPENT allows anyone for a small donation to attach their name to everyday items needed by folks served by UMD. 

So I decided to play the game today, and I donated an amount that allowed me to have my name attached to a Teddy bear.  This is the text that accompanied this option:

"Being homeless can be troubling, scary and flat out traumatic for anyone, especially a kid. Unfortunately, some of the children we serve don’t have a plush companion to comfort them in times of trouble. There aren’t a lot of constants for a kid living on the edge, but lend your name to this teddy bear and make sure a child in need has a cuddly friend they can always count on."

My name added to this Teddy bear. 
Then I decided to make a donation to honor Dan and put his name on an item at the UMD. Since Dan is so fond of oatmeal himself I thought I would put his name on a donated box of oatmeal.  Here is the text that accompanied the oatmeal:

"Let’s be honest. Even the most interesting of oatmeal is still oatmeal. But when food is scarce in your home and you get to bring home a box of oatmeal, make it for your family and for once act like a “normal” family on a “normal” morning, dull ol’ oatmeal becomes something pretty special. Want to help this boring oatmeal fulfill its bold potential? Give it your name."

Dan's name added to this oatmeal.
If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause and get your name attached to something that is extremely important to those less fortunate, go to this website:
or view this video:

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