Saturday, November 23, 2013

Museum of the Revolution in Cuba

This old presidential palace in Cuba, with an interior designed by Tiffany's of New York, was completed in 1920 and served as the palace until 1959.  It now houses the Museum of the Revolution.
Patrick and I resting before climbing to the second floor.

Our Wolftrek group ready to go to the upper floors of the palace.

Bullets in the walls from the revolution are left intact.
On the second floor we saw the president's office with the desk and Batista's gold telephone.
The presidential desk.
Batista's gold telephone.
 I didn't climb to the third floor which according to Patrick was the most interesting part.  Among other things there was the Granma, the boat used by Fidel and his compatriots to return to Cuba from Mexico. 
The Granma in the Museum. (Photo from Wikipedia.)
 I came back down to the ground floor and as I was going around the corner of the first floor to the Ladies Room, I passed the  "Corner of Cretins". 

Cuba's depiction of Reagan and Bush Sr.
                      Cuban depiction of "W".

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