Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jose Fuster, the "Picasso of Cuba"

Kathy taking photos in front of Fuster's house and studio.
One of our first stops in Cuba was at the house and workshop of artist, painter and ceramicist Jose Fuster often called the "Picasso of Cuba".  Fuster has adorned more than 80 houses with colorful ornate murals in the little fishing village of Jaimanitas.
A pretty table top.

One can see the influence of Picasso in Fuster's work.

One of my favorites.

Two of my fellow travelers, Marge and Helen from Maryland.

Patrick and Michael surveying Fuster's work from the rooftop of his house.

A small villager "riding" a Fuster horse.
He used old sewing machines in several of his sculptures.
Two pretty senoritas out front of the house.
 We had hoped to see Jose, but he wasn't home.  I did find this You Tube video of Fuster singing "Te Odio" to poet Pablo Armando Fernandez in Fuster's home in Jaimanitas. 

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