Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finca Vigia: Hemingway's Cuban Home

On our last day in Cuba we visited Hemingway's farm outside of Havana.  It was the only day of our trip that it rained. Because of the moisture, we were unable to go into the house, but we could see the inside pretty well through the windows. And if I held the camera against the window, I could get a reasonable picture. 
Jane taking photos along the side patio.

This was a nice place, but I think his house in Key West is prettier.

Here is the swimming pool where Ava Gardner is reported to have gone swimming in her birthday suit.

I was glad to see his famous boat the Pilar.  It wasn't as big as I had imagined. 
The NC State Wolftrekers.
Finally, we had our group photo made in front of the house. 

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