Monday, November 18, 2013

A Doll Made of Tobacco Leaves

Cuban doll made of tobacco leaves.

What do a doll made of tobacco leaves and a Dominoes Set have in common?  Well, they are both souvenirs that I brought home from Cuba.  It was my intention to bring back a CD of Cuban music and that was it.  No souvenirs.  But then I always see something that is just the right thing for a special friend or family member. 

My roommate on this trip, Jane, came in after checking out a little grocery store across from our hotel, and mentioned that she was going to get some Cuban honey to take home.  It was quite inexpensive, and that gave me the idea that honey would be the perfect gift to take back to my "honey" who uses honey in his hot tea.
Cuban honey.

At the Craft Center there were many different carved wooden items.  I especially liked the little carved cars shaped like the cars of the 50s.  One of these will go into each of my grandson's Memory Boxes. (Boxes I have added things to over the years and which will not be opened until after I'm gone.) 
Wooden car.

The doll made of tobacco leaves will go into granddaughter Grace's Memory Box.

For my cousins who enjoy playing Dominoes, I brought back a handmade Dominoes Set.
Handmade Dominoes Sets from Cuba.

The cat salad spoon and fork is for a good friend who likes anything "feline."

At the Community Center that we visited on our last day, I found these cute little clowns that were handmade by volunteers in the Center.  At only $3 CUCs each a real bargain.  One of those I will keep for myself. 
Handmade clowns.

There were many brightly colored paintings in the market and I settled for two small ones depicting the 50s cars.  These I'll keep.
Cuban paintings.

And finally I did bring back that CD!
My Cuban CD.

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