Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zach and the Aussies (Part One): Zach in Australia

Zach and Claire with hats and books at  the Bon Voyage Party.  Ready for the Aussie trip.
This past summer grandson, Zach, had the wonderful experience of traveling with Claire and Jeanette (Claire's mom who is from Australia) to Australia.  About half the time was spent visiting family and the other half as tourists.  Jeanette is a seasoned world traveler and did a wonderful job planning their itinerary. 

On the way they spent a few days in California before departing for Australia.
Zach and Claire in California on way to Australia.

Their first stop was Sydney where they rented an apartment looking out over Sydney Harbor.
Arriving in Sydney.

Zach and Claire with Sydney Harbor in background.

They visited the zoo in Sydney.
Claire and koala.
Claire and kangaroo.

From Sydney they visited relatives in Canberra.
Zach and Claire's little cousin playing the piano.

Then off to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef for several days.
Zach, Claire and Claire's mom, Jeanette on Great Barrier Reef.
Their hats came in handy.
Enjoying the beach at Great Barrier Reef.

Visited more relatives in Melbourne.
A night out with relatives in Melbourne.

Claire with little cousin Lachlan.  Zach and Uncle Bob look a little "too happy".
Uncle Bob's MG.

Zach drives Uncle Bob's MG. Uncle Bob had to instruct Zach on use of straight shift.
Uncle Bob and Zach with Australian football.  They went to an Australian football game.
Chrismas in July dinner.
Fourth of July at Aunt Di and Uncle Bob's.
Zach and Claire went to the Edge in the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.  Eureka is the second highest building in Australia.  'The Edge' - a glass cube which projects 3 meters out from the building - with you in it - is suspended almost 300 meters above the ground on the 88th floor.
Zach and Claire in the Edge 300 meters above the city in Melbourne.
Zach and Claire flew home from Melbourne when Zach had to attend Orientation for Freshman at NC State University where he is now a Freshman.
Flying home out of Melbourne. 
Several of Claire's family are currently visiting here in Raleigh, so stay tuned for Zach and the Aussies (Part Two):  The Aussies in Raleigh

Photos by Jeanette Salisbury.

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