Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunday Market at Mabou, Cape Breton

Martin's crabapple pie.
 The highlight of our Sunday was going over to Mabou to the Market, and what a Market it is.  We had gone especially to visit the booth of our neighbors, Gabi and Martin.  They have a booth where they sell their baked goods and other goodies.
Martin of Martin's Bakery.

Our favorite today was the wonderful crabapple pie, made from crabapples from our place.  It was delicious.  We also purchased two loaves of their wonderful bread.
Little visitors at the Market.

There were vendors selling all sorts of vegetables, blueberries, organically raised beef, lamb, pork, chicken.  Then there were the crafts of all kinds---jewelry, knitted goods, beautiful scarves, wooden bowls.

Beautiful vegetables.
Craftsman, "Nature Lost and Found"

    The live music was also quite nice.
Many of these same vendors will be in Port Hawkesbury on Thursday, so I'll see them there.

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