Saturday, October 5, 2013

Honey in the morning, Honey in the evening, Honey at suppertime

Honey from Cornect Family Farm.
In the late 1950s there was a popular tune, Sugar in the Morning, Sugar in the Evening, Sugar at Suppertime by the McGuire Sisters.  Well, we substitute honey for sugar at our house.  And at the market in Port Hawkesbury the other day, I found the most wonderful source of honey here in Cape Breton,  Cornect Family Farm.

We like creamed honey, and Cornect Family Farm has the best honey lemon creamed honey.  It is great in the morning with toast (made from Martin's Bakery bread).

Great in the evening with hot tea.
Honey lemon with hot tea.

Great at suppertime in this butternut squash soup recipe.  See the Corneck website for recipe. (Photo from Corneck Family Farm website.)

As you can see we like this honey anytime!!!!

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