Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aunt Jewel's Kitchen Table

I'm certain that when my Aunt Jewel and Uncle "Bootsie" bought this 1930s (?) table they never imagined it would end up in Nova Scotia. I remember as a child visiting them and Aunt Jewel was making a fresh coconut cake.  My job was to sit at this table and grate the coconut with a box grater.  I didn't particularly enjoy that, but oh I did enjoy her cake.

I don't think the table was a table at which they ate, but more of a utility table.  She would roll out her dough when making pie crusts and bread on the table.  In her later years the table was relegated to the garage where it was dusty, but otherwise in good condition.  Having no children her brother, my uncle, inherited all of her things.  He asked me if I wanted anything, and I was so happy to get this table.  I really had no use for it back home in Raleigh, but once we brought it up to our summer place in Nova Scotia it fit particularly in the small kitchen where we do sometimes have breakfast there.  Most of our meals are eaten in the large dining room table in the sunroom.  But the small table provides a good work table in the kitchen too.  And it reminds me of Aunt Jewel, one of my favorite aunts.

Table before and after.

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