Thursday, September 19, 2013

The "Rug Garden of Eden"

Carmel Pine Hill Red Karastan rug.

Earlier this week friend Virginia and I made a quick trip to Eden, NC to take her beautiful Oriental rug to be cleaned.  Scotty's in Eden is one of the few places in the country that specializes in hand cleaning Oriental rugs.
Hand-cleaning Oriental rug at Scotty's in Eden, NC

While there we stopped in at Pace-Stone to check out their Karastan rugs. Karastan rugs are made in Eden, and the prices there are much less than in retail stores.  I was thinking perhaps I would get one for our guest bedroom.  There were two that had the greens I thought would match the newly painted bedroom. The first one, Fern Canyon Sage,  was a soft green that I was sure would work.

Karastan's Fern Canyon sage rug.
 And it did.

This rug works beautifully in our newly painted guest bedroom.

The second one, Pine Hill Red,  I liked very much but thought perhaps it was too"busy" for the bedroom---particularly with the bedspread that suits the room---but might just be the one for the living room.  In the meantime, Virginia liked the PHR rug too for her dining room.  And we don't mind if we have the same rugs. 

Our favorite bedspread for the guest bedroom.

Karastan Pine Hill Red rug.
Although the colors are good, with the bedspread it is much too "busy".

I really wasn't shopping for a living room rug, but I liked the rug so much!  And it would be a nice change for the living room. (This behavior is quite atypical for me, I go shopping with a particular something in mind, and I don't usually buy things on the spur of the moment.)  I could return the rug if it didn't work. So home it came. Anyway, it was the size Virginia wanted, and she wouldn't have to order one if I didn't use it. It would be hers.
The 8 x 10 is a bit too big for our living room, but the 5 x 8 should be perfect.
The colors are perfect for the living room.  I'll be ordering a 5 x 8 though, because we like a lot of the hardwood floor exposed.  This 8 x 10 will go back to Virginia's where it will live in her dining room. 

This trip turned out to be the" Rug Garden" of Eden for both of us. 



  1. I'm going to Eden to look for rugs!!!

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