Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hawkins Reunion (Part One): The People

A photo displayed in 2013 of the Hawkins Reunion of 2007.
Dan and I had so much fun at the Hawkins Reunion in Cleveland County this past weekend that I will need TWO posts to cover it.  It would be too long for one post.  The Reunion was the 24th such reunion for descendants of Preston Hawkins. Jerry Scruggs and Shelva Jean Hawkins Wilson, grandchildren of Preston and organizers of the Reunion, invited me and my sister Martha to this because our grandmother, Dora Hawkins Greene, was a sister of Preston.  Jerry's mother and Shelva Jean's father were first cousins to my father, hence my sister and I are second cousins to Jerry and Shelva.  I reconnected with a number of my second cousins and met for the first time a number of second cousins, once removed.

The Reunion was hosted by Bill and Shelva Jean Hawkins Wilson at their home and farm in Cleveland County, near Shelby, NC.
Shelva Jean Hawkins Wilson.
 The Wilsons have four lovely daughter: Donna, Denise, Deedee, and Debbie.  (Donna said that when they were young they were often referred to as the four D's.)  Denise was not at the reunion this year, but the other three D's were there to help. 
Debbie with her Mom.
Deedee (Photo by Donna Wilson.)

There must have been fifty or more in attendance from the elders to the youngsters. 
The elders: Clockwise from left to right Dan Livingstone (my husband), L.R. Hawkins and Jimmy Hawkins (my second cousins.)
The youngsters: Cheyenne (left) and Savannah Carpenter, grandchildren of Eddie and Debbie Wilson Bridges.

Jerry, Shelva Jean, Martha, and  I share the same great grandfather, J.B. Hawkins (the white- bearded gentleman in the photo below.)

Hawkins family photo circa late 1800's.  J.B. Hawkins, white bearded man.  My grandmother (left of J.B.) and Preston Hawkins directly behind my grandmother. 
 My father inherited a pocket watch from J. B. Hawkins, I inherited it from Dad, and now I have given it to my younger son Patrick.  I took the watch with me to the Reunion for others to see.
Our great grandfather Hawkins' pocket watch.

Second cousin, Jimmy Hawkins, with Great Grandfather Hawkins' pocket watch.

Dan Livingstone and Jerry Scruggs.
Jerry Scruggs and my sister, Martha Greene Cabaniss.

It's an inspiration to see such a close-knit family that reunites each year.

I haven't mentioned the wonderful food---most of it prepared by Jerry with help from Shelva Jean and the D's---nor the fun and games enjoyed by all.  The Hawkins Reunion (Part Two): The Food will be the topic of my next blog.  Stay tuned. 

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