Sunday, September 1, 2013

My New Gadget is Terrific

I usually do not endorse products on my blog, but I am so happy with my new Super-Fast Thermapen that I will make an exception.  Over the years I've tried several different food thermometers with little satisfaction,  but this new "toy" is the best ever.  I heartily recommend it.  (And no I'm not profiting in any way from this endorsement)!  It is so fast, reads temperature in 3 seconds.  When you open the probe it comes on and is off when you close it. 

It does everything that is claimed.  Very quick response and very accurate.  You can check its accuracy by checking the temperature of ice water or of boiling water.
It's measuring the ambient temp in the kitchen.

I'm particularly looking forward to using it in making candy.  I find that most candy thermometers are difficult to use.  Oh now I have an excuse to make toffee, and it isn't even Christmastime. 
Candy making (Photo by heavenlycakeplace blog)

Yes, this is without a doubt my favorite kitchen tool. 

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