Monday, September 16, 2013

A "Redo" of our Guest Bedroom

We recently parted with two of our bookcases in the guest bedroom (That "Empty Nest" Feeling  Revisted).  With the bookcases removed we needed to paint the room.
Wall where bookcase was removed.

I wanted to stay with green, but perhaps a lighter shade.  Steve (our painter) and I chose a pretty Benjamin Moore soft green (Rainforest Dew).  To make the room seem larger Steve suggested painting the ceiling the same color.  That worked very nicely.

It was fun rearranging the furniture in the room with more space sans the bookcases.
The reading corner.

A magazine rack from Dan's lab made by one of his students some years ago.
The Murphy bed.
With the bookcases removed and with lots of books still in our possession, we had to find places for at least a few books in the room.  I stacked some under the small table.
Books under the table.
Needing a small bedside table and needing to place books, I decided to make a "table" of books.  We arranged two stacks of books and topped them with a flat basket, and I killed two birds with one stone---books used and bedside table in place.
A bedside "table" of books.
Steve attached a swing lamp onto the vertical frame of the Murphy bed that adds much-needed light for bedtime reading.
Swing lamp for reading in bed.

Steve always has wonderful ideas regarding placement of art on the walls and accent pieces.  He took several pictures we had and arranged a collage on the wall near the television.
Steve arranged this collage of artwork.
I moved one of my favorite pieces of pottery, the green vase "Eve" by Tammy Leigh, from our master bedroom to the guest room.  It just seems to fit better here now.

One of my very favorite pieces of pottery.  "Eve" by Tammy Leigh. 
The new rug makes for a cozy room, and with the Murphy bed in the up position, this is a great place to settle down with a good book in the corner.
Fern Canyon Sage carpet by Karastan. 

A basket of fluffy green and gold towels and we are ready for guests to enjoy the "redo" of the bedroom. 
A basket of towels.

This was fun!!  And thanks to Steve, who was a tremendous help.  Everyone needs a "Steve", and I need another project!!!!!

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  1. I love the table made of stacked books. Marie