Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Maggie Loves Marble Mountain

Maggie playing in the meadow at Marble Mountain.

We flew to Nova Scotia this year, and we couldn't leave Maggie behind.  She loves it in Marble Mountain where she can romp in the fields and run along the beach.  She is small enough to just fit under the seat in front of us, and she's a pretty good traveler.  She whined very little on this trip. 

She enjoyed standing on haystacks one Sunday when we were over at St. George's Channel for a brunch.  This event is sponsored by the men in the village of St. George's and they do all the cooking.  There was a field that had been recently mowed and several of the bales were still there, so she was on one surveying the field for some little unsuspecting mammal.

Maggie on haystack looking for some small mammal to chase.

Although she doesn't seem to like to swim in the water, she does wade near the shore when she wants to cool off from running along the beach.

Maggie cooling off down on our beach.

When she's all tired out from a romp outside, she loves to sleep at Dan's feet on the sunroom sofa. 
Maggie having a nap with Dan.

Yes, Marble Mountain is a favorite place for Maggie. (and for us.)

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