Saturday, July 27, 2013

That "Empty Nest" Feeling Revisited

Photo by Macy.
For those who have grown kids, you know how it feels when the last kid moves out and you have that "empty nest" feeling.  One eventually gets over that, but now I'm having that feeling again, not from kids moving out, but from some of our books and bookcases "leaving home". 

Last year I posted about downsizing our book collection, Parting with Old Friends.  It's been over a year now, and we have quite a few less books---some taken by others in the family and most donated to the local library. We have culled our book collection to the point that we can now rid ourselves of some bookcases.  That's difficult too, because we love our bookcases about as much as we love our books---especially the ones that Dan has made over the years.

Yesterday I posted on Craig's List, a bookcase that was up for grabs.

Bookcase for sale on Craig's List.

In just a few hours, I had two young people wanting the bookcase.  Both are book lovers and can provide a good home for the bookcase.  When the fiancee of the second caller showed up and realized the bookcase had been sold to the first caller, I told him we had another just like it, and as soon as I could empty the bookcase, it could be theirs.
Second bookcase that will be Bianca's when I empty it.

By evening the new owner of the first bookcase sent me a photo of it in its new home.  Dan and I are pleased that this bookcase which he made has found a happy new home with another book lover. 
Bookcase in its new home with Macy, another book lover. (Photo by Macy.)

Oh, our nest of books is far from empty.  We still have many bookcases some of which Dan made.
Dan made these for the dining room.
Dan made this for our cookbook collection.
   But for a while we are going to miss the two that have left home.

Corner, empty of bookcase.  Yes, we are going to repaint the guest room.
  Macy and Bianca I hope you love filling these bookcases as much as Dan and I did. 

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