Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun in Cleveland County with Cousins

Cousin Elizabeth enjoying PJ's lovely pond in Cleveland County.

Recently two of my cousins, Robin and Elizabeth,  and I visited my sister, Martha,  and several Cleveland County cousins to find out more about our genealogy.  We were interested in particular in the Hawkins line of our family history.  My paternal grandmother, Dora Eliza, was a Hawkins who married James Lane Greene, my grandfather.

My grandmother, Dora Eliza, and her father JB Hawkins on the right, and my grandfather, James Lane Greene on the back right. 

My Cleveland County cousins: l to r Jimmy, Donna, Shelva, and Jerry.

We visited for a few hours with Jimmy, Shelva, and Donna filling in gaps about our ancestors and learning about the military history of our grandfathers and great grandfathers.  The three of them were unable to go with us for lunch, but cousin Jerry did accompany us to Lattimore where we had lunch at The Depot. 
My delicious livermush with cheese sandwich at the Depot.  YUM!!

Not only did I have my favorite, a livermush sandwich with cheese and mayo on toasted whole wheat bread, but while there I met the son of my former high school basketball coach, Pop Simmons. (Pop coached our team to the County Championship my senior year.) His son reminded me so much of Pop. 
Curt Simmons, son of my high school basketball Coach Pop Simmons.

After lunch we drove down to Cowpens, just across the border into South Carolina where Jerry guided us on a tour of the National Park there honoring the Revolutionary War battle of Cowpens.
Robin and Elizabeth on the back porch of the Scruggs cabin at Cowpens, SC.

Window of Scruggs Cabin.

Robin, Elizabeth and I enjoyed a visit with my friend PJ (we've been friends since first grade), particularly a walk down to her lovely pond.  She has a collection of memorable antiques, and one that brought back memories for me, her first piano.  PJ is an accomplished pianist, and I enjoyed seeing the piano that I remember a group of girls standing around singing songs from the Golden Book of Favorite Songs while PJ played the piano.  I think we must have been early teenagers then.
PJ's first piano.
Our song book--early 50s.

It really is a lot of fun to connect with family and friends and to find out more about family history.  I'm planning on attending the Hawkins Reunion in September where I expect to reconnect with many more of my Hawkins cousins. 

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  1. It was a fun day! I am amazed how much Jerry remembers about the Hawkins family and historical events.
    Hope to attend the Hawkins reunion.