Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Hard to Decorate Mantle

I like the fireplace in our living room a lot, but I've always had trouble decorating the mantle which has a depth of only four inches.  It's a fitting mantle for the fireplace, but four inches is quite narrow and doesn't allow for many options for decorating.  I have no problem at Christmas because I use greenery and Christmas stockings for the eight grandchildren.
This is how we decorate the mantle at Christmas.

Kelly and Brian, our neighbors, of Kelly Odom Flowers and Interiors, had recently made some beautiful arrangements for a party for us, and I liked what they did so much that I asked them to arrange something for our hard to decorate mantle.

I had picked out a few pieces of NC pottery and African pieces we had collected over the years that would fit on the narrow mantle, and they incorporated several of these into the mantle decorations.

Kelly and Brian arranging kiwi vine in my AR Cole pitcher.

Kiwi vine is interesting in an arrangement.

Brian adds finishing touches to this arrangement.
Arrangement in AR Cole pitcher and sculpted giraffe from East Africa.
African sculptures with dried berries, flowers and vines.  The sculpture on the right is a fertility doll from Ghana. 
Mantle arrangement with bookcases, window and spear reflected in the mirror. 

These guys are so talented! I'm very happy with our mantle now. 

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