Friday, June 7, 2013

Zach's Graduation and Bon Voyage Party

Grandson Zach graduates on the 10th of June and leaves for Australia on the 15th, so we had a little family party here on June 3 to celebrate both events.

The ten guests were greeted with an Australian flag as they entered the front porch and a sign on the door to set the mood for an Aussie-themed party.
National flag of Australia.

Welcome to the Outback sign on door.

When Marcia and I were over at Southern Season the other week, I found some pretty lime green and some yellow paper plates so I used a green, yellow, melon color scheme.  I made this party as easy as possible---had barbecue and all the trimmings catered by Cooper's Barbecue---and used disposable plates, cups, and napkins.

"Green" table in dining room.

My friend Helen who is an avid scrapbooker made the little kangaroos attached to the cups that served as place cards. 

That left just the dessert for me to make and I made macadamia nut, chocolate chip cookies (Macadamia nuts are native to Australia.).  Dan prepared a fruit salad of cantaloupe and kiwi which matched the color scheme perfectly.
Macadamia nut, chocolate chip cookies.

Fruit bowl of cantaloupe and kiwi.

To make preparation even easier, I had flower arrangements prepared by Kelly Odom Florist.  (Kelly and Brian are our neighbors here on Davis Street)  Their floral designs are widely acclaimed, and the arrangements they prepared for this party were stunning.

Arrangement (by Kelly Odom) in living room.

Arrangement (by Kelly Odom) for "yellow" table in living room.
Arrangement (by Kelly Odom) for dining room table.

Dessert table arrangement.(by Kelly Odom).

I gave a quiz to determine the guests knowledge of Australia.  Claire's mother, Jeanette, is a native Aussie, and she helped me check the quiz answers to determine who had the most correct answers.  Michael won first place, a gift certificate to the Outback Restaurant, and Patrick was second and won an Aussie bush hat. 

Gifts of Aussie-style hats were presented to Jeanette, Claire, and Zach for their upcoming trip to Australia.
Jeanette, Zach, and Claire.
Zach and Claire with their Aussie-style hats.

It was a fun party!!!!

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