Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fifty Shades of Green in Budleigh

Beautiful yard in Budleigh.

There are many beautifully landscaped yards in our Budleigh neighborhood that I enjoy when I'm out walking Maggie.  We don't have an official Yard of the Month, but I'm personally choosing my "Yard of the Month" and it's a beauty over on Chester Road.  It is truly breathtaking. 
Hydrangeas and roses.
The bank of blue hydrangeas are just a little past their peak, but still quite nice.
A carpet of green.
Between and around the islands of shrubs and flowering plants is a carpet of grass.  And the white daises among the blue hydrangeas and red of the Japanese maple make for a nice color palette. 
Daisies, hydrangeas and Japanese maple.
Many shades of green.
There are many (okay maybe there aren't fifty) shades of green in the shrubbery from dark forest green to a light lime green. 
My selection for "Yard of the Month" in our neighborhood.

I'm heading out right now for a walk that will take me around the corner to Chester Road where I will once again enjoy this lovely landscape.

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