Monday, June 10, 2013

Grandson Zach Graduates from Broughton High School

Zach with his Mom and Dad. (Dad graduated from Broughton too.)
It hardly seems possible, but my first grandson graduated from high school today.  It seems like just a bit ago that he was a toddler coming over to spend the night with GrandPat. 
Zach at age two.
Zach at eighteen.
 He's grown into a fine young man, and we are very proud of him.  He's cute as a button, smart, a fine athlete, but most of all he is a kind and thoughtful young man.  He'll be in college at NC State University so he won't be far away.  He will be staying in the dorm though, so we may not see him as much as we would like. 

Classmates Will and Zach will be roommates at NC State University in the fall.

Honors and service cords.
 I've thoroughly enjoyed the role of Grandmother to him and to his three younger siblings. 
Zach with his family and the Broughton High Bell Tower in the background.
We will have more graduations on the horizon.  The next in 2015, then 2018, then 2020. 
Zach with his girl friend, Claire.

Zach and GrandPat. 

Good luck Zach in whatever the future holds.  Love you. 

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