Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Surprise Non-Birthday, Birthday Party

Well, I'm certainly not counting!

I've been known to pull off a number of surprise birthday parties in the past, but this time the tables were turned on me, and boy was I surprised.  With the help of her daughters I had surprised my sister, Martha, with a party on her 70th birthday.
My sister Martha at her Surprise Birthday Party that I arranged.

But now Martha with the help of her daughters took the opportunity of my recent visit in Shelby to surprise me with an early birthday party (my birthday is actually in August).
I was definitely surprised. (Photo by Kelly Snellings).

Dan was surprised as well and enjoying it. (Photo by Martha Cabaniss)

My niece CeCe and her husband Louie had asked Dan and me to go to the Smoke on the Square with them for dinner on Monday night.  Smoke on the Square is a favorite place of mine, and Dan and I assumed the four of us were just out for a quiet dinner. When we walked in to be seated I noticed there seemed to be a group of folks in one room, and then when I got closer I saw my sister. and the "group" turned out to be my whole extended Cleveland County family (except Ally who was in Charlotte and had to work) including little Cason, the first great grand child in the family.
My sister Martha and brother-in-law Hal and me enjoying the party. (Photo by Laura Grigg.)

My niece CeCe with Cason. (Photo by Martha Cabaniss).
My niece Kelly with me. ( Photo by Laura Grigg.)
My niece, Leslie. (Photo by Martha Cabaniss)
Cute little Cason ready to eat. (Photo by Martha Cabaniss)

There were gifts and a birthday cake.
My birthday cake.

A photo of me at my first Easter with my mother and Aunt Betsey. What a nice gift. (Photo by Laura Grigg.)

This is the first surprise birthday I ever had and it was so much fun, and it was so good to see the whole family.  We don't get to Shelby often, and rarely do we get together with all the family and one time.

Thanks to all of my family.  I love you all !!!!


  1. Our family celebrate birthday's when ever we can get all the family together ( missed Ally and Patrick at this one ) so since Pat doesn't
    get to Shelby around her birthday, as she is usually in Nova Scotia,
    we took advantage of this date. One of my son-in-laws Jeff Davis' birthday is celebrated at our July 4th celebration when his birthday is actually in May. We surprised CeCe o\for her 40th birthday in June
    that year. Her birthday is in July. And we surprised Kelly with a
    birthday party at our church. So much fun to surprise people any day of the year. WE love you Pat! Martha

  2. I did the best on my part for surprise sweet 16 birthday party of my twin sons at midnight, and took them to the water park in the morning, along with their cousins and close friends. They liked the idea very much.