Saturday, May 25, 2013

Living Walls in Cameron Village

Wall made of living plants in Cameron Village, by Greenscape.
Dan and I are beginning to downsize our book collection, and on Friday my friend, Boguska, and I took several boxes of books down to the Cameron Village Library to donate.  We arrived a few minutes early and as we waited for the Library to open, I noticed that some landscapers were installing a Living Wall near the entrance to the Library.  Although I had seen some of the Living Walls around Cameron Village, I had never observed the actual construction so we walked over to take a look. 
Daniel Currin, left, President of Greenscape, Inc. and Nathan Beasley, Landscape Project Manager.

Greenscape Inc. manages the landscaping at Cameron Village and it is always beautiful.  Cameron Village is one of the few places in the Triangle where the Living Walls are installed. 

After we deposited the books at the Library, we drove around the Village to see other Living Walls that had been recently installed.

Living Wall near the Village Deli in Cameron Village.
Free-standing Living Wall.
Living Wall dedicated to victims of domestic violence.
Closeup of plants in Living Wall.

Along the way we saw one of the Walls being watered. 
Maintenance by Greenscape.

Watering to keep the Living Wall alive.

To see how these walls are designed and created, check out this article by Daniel Currin, President of Greenscape, Inc.
CV Living Wall for Cameron Village. (Photo by Greenscape.)

While talking with Daniel, I asked about constructing a Living Wall at a residence.  I could just see such a Wall on the brick wall outside our back patio.  When I found out the cost, a Living Wall at our house is NOT on my bucket list.  But I'm glad we live near Cameron Village.  I can go down anytime and admire the beauty of the Walls there. 
The finished Read Living Wall outside Cameron Village Library.


  1. Those are really neat! I'll have to go down to Cameron Village to take a look.

  2. Beautiful Design, I'm proud to say I once worked for GREENSCAPE!