Monday, May 27, 2013

Kangaroo Wobble Place Cards

Cup place card with kangaroo for Aussie theme party.
My good friend Helen is an avid scrapbooker and a very creative one too.  When I was thinking of place cards for a graduation/bon voyage dinner that I'm giving for my grandson Zach and his girl friend Claire, I immediately thought of Helen.  After graduation, Zach and Claire are traveling to Australia for a few weeks with Claire's mom. I'm using an Aussie theme for the dinner party, and I wanted to have stickers representing Australia on the plastic cups that will serve as place markers on the dinner tables.

Helen came up with a cute idea of a kangaroo affixed to the cup with the name card placed in the kangaroo's pouch.  She has all the bells and whistles to make these in the craft room at her house.
Helen's well-equipped craft room.

After finding a template of a kangaroo, she used her Cricut machine to draw and cut out the kangaroos according to input from the software on her computer.  The software allows one to adjust the size and location on the paper for each cut.
The paper ready to go into the Cricut.
Templates set up on computer.
Paper goes into Cricut for drawing and cutting.

Kangaroos drawn and die cut on Cricut.

Kangaroos ready to be peeled off.

Small hearts were cut to fit into the pouch of the kangaroo, and names of the guests were written on the hearts.

Kangaroos ready to attach to cups.
The kangaroos were attached to the cups with wobbles (a scrapbook "tool" that allows the attached item to wobble back and forth).


Wobble attaches kangaroo to cup.

Helen with finished cup.
Cup with kangaroo to use as place card at dinner party.
Thanks Helen.  These are so cute!!!!  Now to get all the other things ready for the party.  Stay tuned.

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