Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Have A New Chauffeur in the Family

Happy Birthday to my second grandson, Brooks, who turns sixteen today.  That means I have someone else in the family who can be our "chauffeur" should we need it.  It's hard to believe Brooks is sixteen---time passes so quickly.  Enjoy those little grands while you can.

Here are some pics of Brooks during the years. 
Brooks was proud of his brother, Zach, who was the State Champion in Free Throws in 2003.
Brooks is ever the athlete.  Over the years he has played almost every sport and enjoyed as a spectator all sports.
Brooks (right)  skiing with his brother Zach and his Uncle Patrick in 2007.
Brooks at second base, 2009.
Brooks a spectator at his sister's soccer game in 2012. (I liked his hair long.)
Now however he is a spectator of many sports, but he's concentrating on basketball as a participant.  He made the JV team at Broughton High this year and he hopes to make the Varsity team (I think he will) next year.  He will be playing AAU basketball this summer. 
Brooks on the Broughton JV team, 2012-13.
He enjoys dressing up for the dances too.
Getting ready for the Queen of Hearts Dance 2012.

Brooks and Grandpat Christmas 2011.

Hope your day is great Brooks!  I'm ready to go for a ride!!!!


  1. Hi Pat,

    I just found your blog to follow along. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment! In your sidebar, you mentioned that your husband and you are retired college professors. Where did you teach? My husband is retiring from Clemson University this summer and I'll be working at USC for several years! Enjoy your retirement!


    1. Your blog is probably the favorite of all that I follow. I am particularly impressed with your photography and of the lovely dishes that you prepare.

    2. My husband retired from Duke and I from Louisburg College and did research at Duke. We love retirement.

  2. He really looks like the King of handsome... and love that smile.