Friday, April 19, 2013

Visiting Banjo in West Palm Beach

Elizabeth's dog, Banjo.
Two of my cousins from Maryland, Joan and her son Rick, came down south to visit us in Raleigh, and the three of us made a quick trip down to visit Joan's granddaughter, Elizabeth, in West Palm Beach.  I never know quite how to indicate the relationship of cousins.  I know that Joan is my first cousin, so I think that makes Rick my first cousin once removed and Elizabeth my first cousin twice removed.  At any rate I call them all my cousins.
Elizabeth and Banjo.
We drove down in one very long day.  The trip was uneventful until just after Jacksonville where we ran into a terrible rain storm that continued all the way to West Palm.  Rick and I alternated driving, but I happened to be driving that last leg and it was quite stressful in the rain.  But we arrived safely.
View from Elizabeth's townhouse.

Elizabeth's office door.
Elizabeth is finishing her first year teaching at  Palm Beach Atlantic University.  We visited the campus which is quite beautiful.
Photo from Wikipedia.

Photo from the Palm Beach Atlantic University website.

Stay tuned for other blogs about our fun visit to West Palm Beach.

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