Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hypocrite Pie (Dried Apple Custard Pie)

Hypocrite pie ready to eat.

I was surveying my pantry this morning to see what I could make for dessert with something I had on hand and saw the package of dried apples that I had purchased at the Farmer's Market in the fall.
Dried apples.

These reminded me of the apple pie that my grandmother made from dried apples and not having the recipe I googled until I found one.
This combination of apples and custard seems to be called a Hypocrite Pie because the custard on top is supposed to conceal the apples underneath.  I never heard Grandma refer to it as a Hypocrite.

Grandma would dry her own apples, putting them in a clean white sheet and spreading them out in a single layer in the sun with cheesecloth (or maybe it was screen wire) over them to keep insects out.  Each night they would be brought in before the dew settled in and put out the next morning to shrivel in the sun as soon as the dew had disappeared.  She often made fried pies with these dried apples, but my favorite was when she made the apple custard type pie.

I won't take the time to dry apples in the way Grandma did, but I should dig out the dehyrator that Dan gave me years ago and try drying some that way. Anyway I did try making the Hypocrite Pie.

Dried apples and water in sauce pan.

Cook until soft and ten mash or puree.

Apples spread in the bottom of the crust.

Add custard on top and place in oven.
The finished pie.
Ready to eat.

This pie is good, but it's not like Grandma's.  I think she must have mixed the mashed apples with the custard because I don't remember there being a custard layer on top.  I'm going to try that next time.  If there is anyone out there with an old-timey recipe for dried apple pie, I would love to have it. 

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