Monday, February 25, 2013

Quiet Evening by the Fire

Nice fire in the fireplace.

I have so neglected my reading recently! I haven't even read the two books I received at Christmas nor the Hemingway Nick Adams book Dan bought while we visited the Hemingway House in Key West in January.  I stay too busy with other "stuff".  I had planned to spend last Saturday doing nothing but reading, but I found that wasn't possible.

Here's some of the "stuff" I've been doing---instead of reading.


Scrabble online.



By evening however, I decided to make a nice fire in the fireplace (the first fire we've had this winter) and do nothing but settle in on the sofa and READ.
A fire in the fireplace and a book on the sofa.

Put on some good music, for example Johnny Mathis.

Grab a good book.

With my favorite cat throw.  It looks like a big cat is on my lap, but it is just the throw.
What a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.  I managed to get about a third of the way through Nick Adams Stories before I became sleepy.  I am determined to do more reading, to spend less time on "stuff" and to have at least one more fire in the fireplace before winter ends.

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