Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lunch with Helen at Cafe Caturra

Friend Helen came by today, and we finally got around to exchanging Christmas gifts---a little over a month after Christmas.  We hadn't seen each other in quite a while, and we managed to get caught up on things.  We went down to Cameron Village and had a nice leisurely lunch at Cafe Caturra.  Caturra advertizes itself as "a hip, casual burst of flavor and color."  And it is that--casual, colorful and flavorful.

You place your order at the counter and then find a comfy place and wait until they deliver your food.
Counter where one places order.

Helen, an avid Duke fan, in comfy chair waiting on lunch.

When it's warm, there is a nice sidewalk eating area out front, but today it was much too cold.  No one out there today.
Colorful outside dining area is nice in warmer weather.  Not today!!!
It was a good soup day and they had a marvelous rich tomato basil soup on the menu. We both chose that.  In addition Helen enjoyed a tomato/cheese panini, and I had a hamburger slider.  Actually somehow I ordered three sliders, but two of them went home with me and Dan enjoyed them for his late lunch.
Tomato basil soup and tomato/cheese panini.
Soup and hamburger sliders.
Caturra has a nice wine bar where you can sample one of their 20 or so wines they have on tap, and the interior is decorated quite nicely with lots of artwork.
The wine bar.
Artwork on the walls of Cafe Caturra.

If you find yourself in Cameron Village at lunch time or even tea time you might stop by Cafe Caturra for a nice leisurely bite or drink.

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Cafe Caturra on Urbanspoon

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