Sunday, February 24, 2013

Broughton Boys Cap 8 Tournament Champs 2013

Broughton scored one more to make it 67 to 58.
On Friday night the Broughton High School Boys Basketball team defeated Leesville to win the Cap 8 Tournament.  I'm an avid fan of this team and have been for four years.  My grandson Zach, a senior, is on the team.
My grandson, Zach, number 20. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)
Brickhouse or "Brick" as we call him. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)

Cam Gottfried shoots a 3-pointer. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)

Chase Johnson. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)

Devonte, our star player, has signed with Appalachian State. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)
Coach Ferrell. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O )

James Hemphill has signed with Navy. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)
Zach goes for a 3 pointer. (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)

Zach's friends made Zach "face masks". (Photo by Greg Mintel, N & O)
A proud GrandPat with grandson Zach. (Photo by Claire Salisbury)
GrandPat between Devonte's step-dad (left) and Jamie's dad  We three always together behind the bench. (Photo from the N & O, Greg Mintel.)

I'm looking forward to the state playoffs. I'll be right there behind the bench.

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